Visibly Better Interiors

Visible Works Construction, a successful construction company, needed to differentiate its individual services. In order for Visible Works Construction to stand out in the remodeling industry, BAMF! Brands conducted research and gathered data in order to develop a extension of the Visible Works Construction brand that focused on that specific service, Interior Design & Remodeling. Visible Works Construction also wanted to improve their lead generation environment by targeting more of the same clients that worked well with their business model and price points. We saw a growing market in the LGBT community that fit the profile of a Visibly Better Interiors client. This client-focused, cohesive branding approach targeted the clients that make the Visibly Better brand stand out among its competitors.

  • Client: Visible Works Construction
  • Date: 2015
  • Service: Logo Design, Branding, Online Advertising, Web Design, Graphic Design